What Should I Sell (Product Ideas)

Want to sell on Makeify, but just cannot figure out exactly what products you want to offer? Here are some great beginner ideas that can help you open your first store!


1. Quilting Pattern Book

Anyone can make a quilting pattern on their own. Next, compile it into a booklet and offer it on you store! 

2. Thread

Have extra thread that you want to sell at a discounted price? Or good quality thread that is still packaged? Thread is a product needed by all crafters and will go great on your Makeify store. Photograph it and upload it to your store with an accurate description and price!

3. Your handcrafted items

Makeify is a great place to sell your quilts or other items you have sewed together! Upload some photos and a description and add them to your store.

4. Thimbes

Every ones got some of these lying around. Feel free to package them up and offer them for sale!

5. Cross collabarations

Sometimes teamwork is the best option! Collaborate with another crafter to create an awesome product and then split the profit between the two of you!

6. Blankets

Everyone needs a blanket and crafters love making them. Craft one with a unique design and offer it on your store!

7.Holiday Gifts

Everyone's looking for Holiday gifts for when it comes that time of the year. Make sure to craft up a large stock before hand, and offer holiday related items on your store that are sure to sell extra fast!


Feel like taking custom requests from customers? Get them to send a design in so that you can make it! Ensure you have policies set up before hand however, to avoid any potential implications with this selling method. 

9. Socks

Easy to make and needed by everyone! Make them warm and looking good and offer them on your store!

10. Other

Makeify allows for a lot of products on your store! Be creative, what you may have thought would be a bad idea at first could turn up to be a best seller! 

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