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Durable Multi-Size Cutting Mat

Durable Multi-Size Cutting Mat

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Paper Size

Protect your workspace and achieve precise cuts with our Durable Multi-Size Cutting Mat. Made from high-quality plastic, this cutting mat prolongs the life of your blades and ensures smooth, accurate cuts. Available in three different sizes, it is perfect for a variety of DIY crafts, including paper carving, engraving, and more. The high elasticity and toughness of the mat provide a reliable surface that prevents damage to your desktop while enhancing your cutting experience.


  1. High-Quality Material: Made of plastic, this mat protects your blades and extends their service life.
  2. Convenient Cutting: The mat allows for smooth and straight cuts without the need for a ruler.
  3. Desktop Protection: Prevents your desktop from being damaged during cutting tasks.


  • Please allow a 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.
  • Understand that colors may vary slightly due to different display settings.
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