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First-Time Quiltmaking, 2nd Edition | Learn to Quilt in 6 Easy Lessons

First-Time Quiltmaking, 2nd Edition | Learn to Quilt in 6 Easy Lessons

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Learn to quilt with confidence using "First-Time Quiltmaking, Second Edition" by Landauer Publishing. This comprehensive guide is designed for beginners, offering step-by-step instructions in six easy lessons. Based on actual beginner quilting classes, this book covers everything you need to know:

  • Beginning Basics: Understand the fundamental tools and materials.
  • Preparing the Fabric: Learn how to select and prepare your fabric.
  • Sewing Accurate Seams: Master the techniques for precise seams.
  • Assembling the Quilt Top: Piece together your quilt with ease.
  • Making the Quilt Sandwich: Layer your quilt top, batting, and backing.
  • Finishing the Quilt: Complete your quilt with binding and finishing touches.

In addition to these lessons, the book includes four simple projects perfect for practicing your new skills. This edition also introduces two brand-new patterns using popular pre-cut fabrics, making it easier and quicker to complete your projects.

With 136 pages of clear illustrations and instructions, "First-Time Quiltmaking, Second Edition" is our top choice for beginner quilters. Start your quilting journey today and proudly say, "I made it!"

Author: Landauer Publishing

Note: This is our store’s choice for the beginner quilter!

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