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Quilt By Color

Quilt By Color

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Best-selling author and Instagram sensation Susan Ache is back to share her secrets for making astonishing scrap quilts. Susan used coordinated Moda Color Cuts bundles for a scrappy yet planned look. You can do the same, or substitute fabrics from your stash.

Susan's approach to fabric selection makes it a snap to re-create her coveted, spectacularly scrappy look. Just grab one or two (or more!) Color Cuts bundles to begin. Each bundle contains 12 different prints in a similar colorway. So if you prefer to use your stash, simply use 12 greens or 12 blues or 12 grays that you've got on hand. Either way, you're headed in the right direction to create your own beautifully planned scrap quilts.

Author: Susan Ache
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